The Alexander Technique brings about an awareness of, and improvement in balance, coordination and movement.

In lessons, we can start to become aware of how much tension and effort have become an ingrained part of our everyday movements.   These patterns of chronic tension, built up over time, contribute to stiffness, various aches and pains, and feeling uncomfortable in ourselves.

The AT teacher works together with the student to help unravel and release these patterns of interference.   Through this process of awareness and change, we can regain a sense of well-being, ease of movement, improved coordination and balance.

While it is primarily re-educational, the AT has been shown to have therapeutic benefits in helping with:

• muscle tension and stiffness

• back, neck and joint pain

• breathing and vocal problems

• anxiety and stress-related conditions

The AT may also aid recovery from injury, or conditions that affect movement like arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease.

For more detailed information about the Alexander Technique, please look at the website of STAT (the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). Further information and links are also available on the links page.

alexander technique

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